Providing Las Vegas area business with top-tier IT
solutions and service for over 16 years.

From startup to established we have the expertise to achieve your goals.

Spectrum Technology Solutions LLC has been providing Las Vegas area business with top-tier IT solutions and service for over 16 years.

We help companies focus on their business by letting us focus on ours, using our decade and a half of Information Technology Consulting experience to provide unparalleled customer service supporting the goals of our clients.

Small businesses should receive the same level of expert, timely service to manage their technology needs any large company would demand. Spectrum Technology Solutions treats every client to personal, honest, reliable service from an expert technician focused on sound, creative, solutions to help small businesses run more efficiently on the backbone of a strong reliable network that runs smoothly with little to no downtime.

We understand technology can be intimidating and overwhelming. Whether your company is a Startup or well-established business, increasing the bottom line is where your focus should remain while ours is ensuring that you have the kind of customized network solution that helps. Spectrum Technology Solutions truly partners with each of our clients; listening to their needs, diagnosing areas in need of improvement, and finding solutions unique to the specifics of their situation.

Cloud Technologies are the future

Cloud Technologies are the future but deciding between creating your own company cloud or utilizing an existing hosted cloud solution can leave business owners wondering where to start. Many different cloud options exist for small businesses but determining the best strategic asset for your company is where we step in. Spectrum Technology Solutions provides comprehensive cloud consulting services with a thorough analysis of your IT systems. Our analysis includes looking at your current needs and projecting what your business will demand in the future. Only when we’ve investigated the specifics of your company are we able to diagnose how to best use cloud computing to make your business more lightweight and efficient.

Protected data,
Protected Network,
Peace of Mind

Your company data is extremely valuable. Spectrum Technology Solutions has the expertise to protect it and your business. Data loss occurs in several ways, from viruses and malicious thieves hacking into your system to hardware failure or even natural disasters. Protected data and a protected network will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business.

We manage your IT systems so you can focus on your business

Spectrum Technology Solutions becomes your business partner, proactively keeping your technology running smoothly and making IT headaches a thing of the past. You and your business do best when we do the best at ours.

Unique Technology solutions specifically created for your business

Each business is different with needs specific to their industry, company size, location, data collection, retrieval and storage, along with a host of other variables. A one size fits all approach is not in your best interest and that is why Spectrum Technology Solutions treats each business like a new puzzle to solve. We like creating lasting relationships because we love what we do and we’re unparalleled experts in helping small businesses operate with big-time technology that makes things easier, more efficient and helps you focus on what you do best, running your business.

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